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Union County is located within the Columbus, Ohio metropolitan area, one of the most dynamic, diverse, and fastest-growing metropolitan areas in the United States. The Columbus Region is known internationally for its talented workforce, access to the global market, and forward-thinking initiatives, such as the Smart Columbus initiative. 


Union County is an excellent and affordable location to live and conduct business. With a strong emphasis on economic diversification, entrepreneurship, collaboration, and responsible governing, Union County has emerged as the center of growth and development in the Columbus Region.


Manufacturing and Research & Development (R&D) are two of Union County’s most dominant industry sectors. As manufacturers rely on R&D to develop the next generation of technologies, it is critical for our community to foster a productive and attractive environment for manufacturers by reversing off-shoring of technological services and supporting the co-location of manufacturing and innovation.

Many of Union County’s major manufacturers bundle innovation and production activities locally. This has led to the formation of a growing R&D cluster in Union County over the last several years. In fact, Union County is now among the top producers of patents in Central Ohio. 

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