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2014 - Representatives from Dublin, Marysville, Jerome & Millcreek Townships, LUC Regional Planning, and Union County began meeting with the goal to collectively discuss and plan development issues along the US-33 corridor. From these meetings, two committees were formed:

  1. NW 33 Innovation Corridor Group to oversee land use, infrastructure, and economic development; and

  2. NW 33 Development Team to focuses on specific development projects


2015 - Dublin, Marysville, and Union County began discussing how to improve fiber connectivity along the US-33 corridor.


2016 - The group retained a consultant to develop a strategy to expand the fiber network along the US-33 corridor.

2016 - The Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) pledged $16 million for the installation of fiber along the US-33 corridor.


2016 - Dublin, Marysville, and Union County formed the NW 33 Innovation Corridor Council of Governments to oversee the fiber project.

2017 - ODOT completes the construction of the US-33 portion of the fiber network.


2019 - Phase II (the redundant loop) along Industrial Parkway is completed.


Shortly after pursuing the fiber collaborative, the group was engaged by The Ohio State University and the Transportation Research Center concerning the possibility of making the US-33 corridor the first smart mobility corridor in Ohio.

The fiber network is necessary for the smart mobility initiative to become reality.

Smart Mobility will improve traffic congestion, safety, and traffic flow along the US-33 corridor and in Dublin and Marysville.

The US-33 corridor has the potential of becoming the first test bed for autonomous and connected vehicles in Ohio.

2016 - A $5.9 million USDOT grant was awarded to fund the purchase of Dedicated Short Range Communications (DSRC) along the corridor for connected vehicle and autonomous vehicle testing and research.

2017 - Ohio Governor John Kasich announced $45 million for improvements to the Transportation Research Center in support of the development of smart mobility and autonomous vehicle technologies..

2018 - Ohio Governor John Kasich signs an Executive Order establishing DriveOhio, a division of the Ohio Department of Transportation that will develop statewide technology and data framework for the State's smart mobility initiatives.

2018 - The NW 33 Council of Governments entered into an agreement with the Ohio Department of Transportation and The Ohio/Indiana UAS Center to allow the testing of unmanned aircraft systems along the 33 Smart Mobility Corridor. 

2018 - Ohio Governor John Kasich signs an Executive Order authorizing autonomous vehicle research to take place on state highways across the state. The order also lays out safety parameters for such projects and creates a voluntary pilot program linking local governments to participating companies.

2019 - Transportation Research Center's new 540-acre SMART Center opens.


2019/20 - All 27 traffic signals in Marysville are upgraded with DSRCs, making Marysville the world's first fully connected city.

2020 - 61 RSUs are installed along US-33.

  • In late 2016, the City of Marysville purchased 204-acres of prime development land along US-33 for the creation of the 33 Innovation Park. 

  • Phase I of Innovation Way, serving the new 33 Innovation Park, is completed in November 2017.

  • Approved Joint Economic Development District (JEDD) with Millcreek Township.

  • Developed new brand for the corridor, dubbed the “33 Smart Mobility Corridor”.

  • Jointly marketed the corridor in Columbus Business First.

  • Completed business missions to Detroit, MI; Silicon Valley, CA; and The Netherlands.

  • Developed an Automotive Cluster Map.


  • Developed the Crossroads Area Plan in partnership with Dublin, Marysville, Jerome Township, and Union County.

  • Began researching uniform Architectural Design Standards along US-33 and Industrial/Northwest Parkway.

  • Collaboration on I-270/US-33/ Interchange Rebuild.

  • Collaboration on US-33/OH-161 Interchange Rebuild.

  • Dublin Green – Cosgray Road/OH-161 Roundabout.


Reconstruction of the I-270 and US 33 interchange in Dublin began in Spring 2015 and was completed in mid-2017. The $68 million project improved safety and reduced congestion by eliminating weaving and merging. This project greatly enhances the flow of people and goods along the US-33 Corridor.


The Ohio/Indiana UAS Center will soon begin testing unmanned aircraft systems along the 33 Smart Mobility Corridor thanks to a partnership with ODOT and the NW 33 Council of Governments.

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